natalie z

natalie z

Natalie Z is a

  • Emotional Clearing Counselor

  • Energetic Teacher

  • Shamanic Practitioner

  • Intimacy and Tantric Coach

  • Tantric  Bodywork Practitioner

  • All-Love Practitioner

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Mindfull Breath-work Coach


Natalie has a deep understanding of  Bodywork, Teachings and a variety of connected healing practices, and is trained in 10+ systems of Reiki. She has a successful private practice offering sessions to men, women and couples, and  has taught world-wide.

She embodies the work she teaches,  and has journeyed through her own transformational processes and awakenings. 


​In the last 25 years she has studied with many international teachers including Margo Anand, Andrew Barnes and various  ISTA faculty.

Married to Patrick Zeigler, she worked extensively with All-Love energy for 18 years and is trained in emotional clearing, pranayama breathwork and other powerful clearing techniques.

Natalie now introduces her  Awakening sessions to singles and couples through one-on-one practices, on-line coaching and weekend workshops and evening events.

Philippa Joy Oxlade

Pip Oxlade

Spiritual Success Mentor

Training and qualifications

  • Reiki Master teacher

  • ThetaHealing® Certficate of Science instructor

  • Being in Colour® Author, Facilitator and International teacher

  • Crystal Healing Practitioner and Teacher

  • Psychic development teacher

  • Non-practicing Nurse and Midwife

Known as The Rainbow Lady and Spiritual Success Mentor, I am passionate about life and love the people I meet along the way.

I am constantly aware of the privileged position to even be a healers healer, enabling people to enjoy empowered health, wealth, family and love. My life work means that I am inspirationally led through Creator to safely deal with the box of chocolate scenarios; 'You never quite know what you are going to get' which a healer faces. The key is to effectively work with tools that meet the needs and this is what is so magical about being involved in ThetaHealing® as both an active teacher and practitioner. Based in the Waikato on New Zealand’s north island, we named our house ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ as we regularly enjoy beautiful rainbows whilst overlooking the banks of the Waipa River.

What I love about Theta' is its simplicity. It is a gentle and at the same time a safe, enquiring therapy that digs deep into core, genetic, soul and historical beliefs. It certainly has the ability to shift what is no longer required, and after completing many healings and having attended numerous courses over the last 16 years, I was really amazed at what I was still resisting and choosing to hold on to. I would say that Theta' is an amazing transformational process that really shifts hidden aspects very quickly and efficiently through questioning, muscle testing and a loving connection with the creator of all that is.

I am author to Cosmic Radiance and the Being in Colour® interactive process that centres and connects with the heart. "There is no easier and better way to hold a colourful conversation."

I offer one-on-one sessions, phone consultations, courses, workshops and inspirational talks and am thrilled to be with you at your event.

Love Pipx

rani michelle

Rani Michelle


Rani is a yoga, dance and embodiment facilitator. She is a conscious sexuality and intimacy guide a Dancing Eros facilitator and the Creatress of Embodied Bliss


Rani believes the body is a deep well of wisdom, through learning to listen we access our inner potency, our authentic truth and the ability to create deeper connections.


Exploring conscious sexuality has offered Rani powerful healing and transformation. She believes this work is a vital part of positive change and is passionate about the embodied re-education of sexuality and relating.


She leads transformational journeys with authenticity, integrity and a grounded heart connection. She encourages a safe yet powerful exploration of wholeness and authentic expression.



Since the birth of Dancing Eros in April 2013, There has been over 850 women go through the journey and join the amazing DE community. With each course the practice has become more and more powerful and the transformations massive!



trish bebrouth


Trish Bebrouth


Trish is a relationship and sexuality specialist. She is a bodyworker, spiritual healer, workshop facilitator, psychic medium, past life regression therapist, and a Kundalini Dance teacher.

She helps you experience more love, more pleasure, and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Trish has been on an incredible journey! Over the past few years, she has had the absolute good fortune to train with some of the world’s best facilitators in the fields of Relationship & Sexuality Coaching, Psychic/Mediumship, Past Life Regression Therapy, Kundalini Dance Facilitation and Spiritual Healing.

In her work Trish offers deep healing in a various modalities. In regards to sexual healing, she journeys with clients one on one, or as couples, into their original wounding in order to find and release shame, emotional trauma, and make way for pleasure. She does this with spiritual healing, coaching (goal-directed talk) and Tantric body de-armouring, a form of deep tissue bodywork that combines with energy work to remove blocks to pleasure.

Blue Lotus Sanctuary,

16 Como Street, Takapuna,


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