More than a massage!

                                            The ultimate in self-care!


My Sessions help ground and uplift, reconnect with the sacredness of your body, and release tension. Bodywork rebalances your energy, relieves muscular aches and pains, and leaves your body relaxed and revitalised.

With rhythmic flows inspired by ancient Hawaiian temple-styles, Swedish and deep pressure techniques – my full body massage rituals are customised especially for your needs. Your sacred bodywork ritual is unique working to balance and realign energy flow, enhancing mind & body wellness.

This is the first session you would have here with us.  Please tell your Goddess if anything in particular interests you.  Every Session is different...... depending on the YOU, you bring to each session, and your Goddess will tune in, to what is needed for you in your current vibration.    Choose an Intent, if you dare, and watch the magic unfold.

Our sexual energy is the most powerful force within the human body and can lead to spiritual experiences accompanied by intense physical pleasure and bliss.

In Tantra, sensual energy is seen as a cosmic and divine experience.  We would love to guide you into a deep experience of who-you-are in your sensual body.

Some of the elements that may be present in your first session:

·        Ritual and creating Sacred Space
         These are important tools to start a session


·        Boundaries and permission are discussed openly and understood clearly

·        The 3 keys of Tantra
         Breathing, Sound and Movement are important Keys of tantra, to bring             you into your body and awareness, we use these to deepen relaxation,               release tension and move energies.


·        Tantric Breathing Techniques such as Full belly Breath, Circle Breath 

         and  Sexual Breathing, Wim Hof breath, Fire Breath, Partner Breathwork

·        Meditations are used to open your higher spiritual centers and ground     

         your full being onto this planet

·        Processes to balance and integrate inner masculine and feminine.

         Teachings on Wheel of Consent. Giving and Receiving poles, and Taking

         and Allowing poles.

Benefits you may receive

·        Natural energy flow is awakened

·        Sensitivity increases

·        More freedom and aliveness in your body

·        Clarity and quietness in the mind

·        Grounded more fully into your body

·        Greater sense of well-being and peace

·        Deeply relaxed and or energised for days afterwards

Learn techniques to take home and practise. We can offer ways to access the energy you felt in session, afterwards..... if this interests you, please ask at the start of your session.


1 hr            $200 

90 mins     $300

2hrs           $400

3hrs           $500

Second and subsequent sessions (90mins minimum) can explore: 


Connected Breathwork

Sitting with your Goddess, face to face, learn basic breath, sexual breathing, alternate breath and the wave. This can be an extrodinary experience.


De-Armouring and Timeline

A journey into the past to move energies from the body. You are guided to breathe, sound and let go, as deep trauma is located, accessed and unwound.


Wheel of Consent

Giving and Receiving, Taking and Allowing. A deepening into the poles of touch.

Ritual of Edges

Blindfold, Restriction, Sensation, Breath and Awareness.

Manifestation Ritual

2 Hrs, Cleanse on the External, Mental, Emotional, Energtic levels.  Create Intent, Use Magical Symbol, Toning,  Breathwork, Raise Sexual Energy.

Learn to Massage - 3 session package  $900 prepaid

Yes it takes 3, 90min sessions with me to teach you level 1 Tantric Massage.

And yes, there is a level 2, of 3 more sessions.


Exploration of the Feminine and Masculine 

Dancing the Chakras

Exploring Archetypes 

and many more Tantrically inclined techniques, exercises and teachings.

call Natalie today to discuss a program for YOU