New Year


Dec 28th 2019

- 1st Jan 2020


Retreat for Couples

Experience Tantra




Explore Ancient and Modern techniques 

of sacred sexuality

to enhance your life.

Relax and Reset

Explore and practice connecting so that you are always in harmony with the natural flow of your own energy. 

Rejuvenate your health, open to love and awaken spiritual essence through Tantric connection, energy and massage techniques.

Open to a deeper connection with your partner, using ritual, connecting and breathing exercises.

Learn to expand your multi-orgasmic potential into whole body bliss.

Learn to circulate your vital breath up through the chakra's for healing & rejuvenation. 

Experience raising your sexual energy with loving intent, breathing, movement and muscle control.   

4.5 Day Schedule Includes:

Wheel of Consent / Boundaries Exploration.

Learn; Complete Breath,  Connected Breathing, Sexual Breathing, Wim Hof Breath, holotropic Breathwork. 

Experience:  Giving and receiving Nurturing massage, Sensual Massage, Tantric Massage.

Daily Dance:

Kundalini Dance, Chakra Dance, Osho's Movement Meditations.

Timeline Healing, Spiritual blessings, Mental Resets. 


There are three teaching segments each day  Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Meals are NOT included, Takapuna has many food options.

We have limited accomodation available. There are many local options.


$1500 per couple

event is limited to 6 couples

Blue Lotus Sanctuary,

16 Como Street, Takapuna,


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