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Reiki Natural Healing

I offer  ONE FREE ticket to my

Reiki 1 Workshop

for every 5 people that register

and pay in full.

There are always people that need a little help financially, and want to move forward quicker than their finances dictate. I am offering a Scholarship program where you can get on the list.   

Yes folks it's a list.

You Potentially COULD get your Reiki 1 for FREE. 

My Scholarship Program  

For every Reiki 1 Workshop on my website:

When 5 people Register and pay in full, One person gets to attend for free.

Scholarship's Requirements:

Commitment to attend the whole workshop, and to help me share and promote the workshop  in an online environment, prior to attending, and offering a testimonial after the event.

I invite you to feel into this, if its for you.

Please only take a place on the list if you are experiencing financial hardship.  If you just want a discounted ticket....... get connected to our Tribe on the HOME page, and  let me know.  I do offer help to those that reach out.  

The way to add your name to the Scholarship List, click here, it is at the bottom of the listing of Events, click through and fill in the form.  Thanks.