1.       Set of Affidavits that when filed relinquish your PERSON

When you are born, your birth certificate creates a bond, that the government plays on the international money market, every night when you are sleeping, making millions in your lifetime.  It is this fund that you become a Beneficiary of when you register with WINZ in NZ to access benefits. When receiving benefits you are in fact accessing your own fund that the govt doesnt want you to use, as the unused portion goes to them  when you die.

All sound a little to FAR OUT ? - go to this page TO UNPROGRAM your mind. (coming soon)

When your birth is registered, you become a CITIZEN and your PERSON, your legal identity,  is created. When called to stand in Court, it is your PERSON (all in CAPS) name that is used.  All govt communication uses this NAME.  This is the only PART of you, that was given to you, that interacts with THE SYSTEM. Once relinguished, they cannot contract with you.

If this  is making sence, then you realise you are OWNED by the system, like a slave. A system that you then support with your taxes, on your earnings.

Some people are OK being in the system, and others dont wish to be dictated to, like we are at present in Lock-down. Those that wish to Dis-Engage can do so.

Sign up, pay a small fee, and send me your full name and date or birth and any nicknames you have used, and are known by, with 3 days you receive (within NZ)  the affidavids and instructions on how to file and send. When the affidavits are Un-Rebutted (not replyed to) within 7 days, they become TRUE, or you become FREE. 

If you have ever considered DOING this, THIS is the TIME to do it NOW.  The more people that leave the system over the next 3mths, send a clear message to authorities.


#I do NOTConsent

You can actually still access the system for help when you need, under duress, and information is provided for this.  To continue this process, see form below.

2.     Create a 2 person Entity (foundation), community service based,
non-govt, non-profit

The Best way to understand this process is to listen to my recording of my experience of setting up 3 different Private Business Structures in NZ and AUS.

3.     Register interest in receiving Homeopathic to detox Vaccine




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