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Sitting Stool




I had yearned for years to create a stool for meditation, that would make it easier for me than sitting in lotus, which is physically difficult enough to detract from any meditation, without a knee injury to create more distractions.

Our hips are not meant to sit the way we do, in chairs. Our knees should be lower than the hip, to help the s​pine to align correctly.

I wanted to sit for longer periods of time, in a more correct postural alignment, didnt matter what I was called to sit to do,  I wanted better posture.  I am physically active, my physical life unfortunately created some structural patterns, that sitting incorrectly added to, compounding my back issues.


I'm really only talking about a nigly neck and upper shoulders, and the occassional twinge from my left hip.  But I always found sitting for computer work agrivated  my  body, so I wasnt as effective as I could be.

So sick of waiting for me to create it, I went on ahead and created it.

Its a meditation or anything stool. I sit to do my computer work, I sit for meditation, I sit for Ritual, its becoming my Sit-4-All stool, and I dont like the word stool...Ztool, maybe it is a Ztool. Ha

Padded, damn thing had to be padded,  Versatile, Portable, Yes, but mostly padded.  There are hard wood stools out there, I'm not trying to compete with them, I'm into comfort, comfort within the uncomfortable.  If I  choose to meditate or sit I want my damn ass soft and comfy.   Yes im a green hippy, but im not fucken fluro.

I am creating the Sit-4-All, mainly for my sanctuary, with a limited run for clients, students, and anyone connected ythat may see this.  There may be 50 available in a week or so, to view and purchase.

I have many different (strong fabric) materials and the padding will be nice and soft,  thinking of experimenting with memory foam.