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male sexual mastery

Male Sexual Mastery

Training for Men

  • Learn Xtatic Yoga

  • Commit to Daily Self Love

  • Explore barriers to Self Love

  • Learn to Cultivate Sexual Energy

  • Introduction to Self-Love-Magic


This program, takes you through a system of empowerment using tantric techniques that will help you learn to expand your sexual energy past the base to overcome premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction.

I take you through a series of exercises to promote presence, self love, and breath and body awareness.

Then we build on that foundation, by exploring breath, presence and love in the  "sexual energy container".

Male Sexual Mastery Training


Want to feel more connected to YourSelf?

Life starts with you.

Open your channels to the free flow of energy that is always available in the present moment.

This 3 month program consists of:

  • 2 on-line calls each week (2hr)

  • Facebook Group daily contact

  • Video library access

  • On-Line Group Shamanic Ritual Work

I guide you through a progression of energetic and belief restructuring group phone calls. We combine waking up, release and self dearmouring, presence, tantra and breath practises, spiritual ah'ha's so that you Wake up to the Illusion of life, what is, what you desire, and can, with an intuitive knowing.... create a direct pathway to the manifestation of your desires.

Learn and practise Breath & Presence

Learn and practise Self-Love

Learn many tools of embodiment

Wake up to full presence

Wake up to bliss states accessible to you NOW

Zoom Call times are fixed at Mon 12pm and  Wed 7pm

Wed is the  coaching call, Mon is the breath healing/meditation call.

Calls are recorded and avail to re-watch after the event.

Parts of this program may push your buttons, and help find your edges. 

These spaces are where the hidden treasures lie. I am here to help you embrace your edges, and watch them dissolve.

Yes we will be clearing not only beliefs and body trauma, but sexual issues and looking at the sexual shadow, however this is necessary to lead us into Activation of the Sexual Energy and Manifestation techniques using that activated energy.

Science today proves that the effects of the Tantric style breathing practises I use and teach have incredible effects in the body. In laymans terms the "wave breath" when done in a certain way mobilises the spinal fluid, charges the molecules in the pineal glad, creating an inductance field that moves energy from the lower part of the body (where energy from Fight/Flight/ Freeze gets stuck) to the brain, accellerating the energy in the brain and inducing  high gamma waves. Almost making our highly energised brain "Super-Conscious".  Energy gets liberated  from the lower body - ie moved  up to be experienced and released through the breath process. Hormones are released in the body and different states can be experienced, like heart openings.

Another action that results from my "Wave Breath" is the pressure that gets asserted on the pineal, activates the crystals in the pineal glad and it acts like a radio antenna, picking up frequences, faster than the speed of light.  Remember this has all been proven.  Look up (Joe Dispenza).  So the pineal gland becomes electrically activated and it begins to produce a resonant electro mangetic field, sending out info and picking it up - this leads to opening the pineal gland and activating inner visions.

This program is 3mth minimum - you must enroll in 3mths initially. The program can then run on a month by month basis, if you wish to continue to go deeper.

The cost of this program is $3000

However I'm offering the next intake of this program at only $1000. 

Start Anytime. The progam is open now.