Sat, 19 Oct | Blue Lotus Sanctuary


Join Ellie Wilde and Kyle Reed - For a day of transpersonal ritual, healing and empowerment.
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Time & Location

19 Oct 2019, 9:00 am – 5:45 pm
Blue Lotus Sanctuary, 16 Como St, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

About the Event

 Women, have you been curious to witness the deeper, shared truths of  Men and the Masculine in circle?  

Men, have you wondered how to understand the chaotic, beautiful, creative nature of the Feminine mysteries? 

As the gender war charges full steam into the next decade with no end in sight - Battles for power through competition, revenge, control, comparison and judgement leave us at best, in positions of authority but still exhausted and separated.  

We duel with philosophies to justify who is right and wrong, only to relent, left without the will to actually heal and far from love. 

Have you felt this?�� 

The time is ripe… now…for us to begin the work ending this dislocation between humanity.  

Join me and countless others who are standing up and saying ‘ENOUGH!’ And through desire are moving towards a more mature interdependence between the sexes, finding compassion and understanding through UNION.���� 

We are all human, underneath we all desire the same things. 

Safety, love, validation, connection, expression, and sex.  

While our hormones and social conditionings move us to seek out these desires in different ways, through the Masculine or the Feminine.  

We will practice moving beyond this polarity, deeper into our sense of self, where we can tap into a far greater understanding. � Women, once you begin to touch and embody your inner Masculine, you can fully feel empowered, safer and stop cutting down the masculine on the outside for ‘not showing up!’ 

Men, allow yourself to embrace, feel and connect to your inner Feminine, freeing you to revel in your own energy and releasing the hungry need for the feminine on the outside. 

Join me and one of my favourite human's and beloved Kyle Reed - For a day of transpersonal ritual, healing and empowerment. 

We will explore in UNION: 

-A transpersonal ritual to clear the debris of personal and collective fears, past wrong doings, frustrations, hurts and pains.  Moving into forgiveness and eventually compassionate understanding. 

-Women will be given an opportunity to witness and hold space for the Masculine ‘white tent.’ To hear the intimate stories and journeys of how it truly is to bear a ‘lingam.’ And learn to walk in the world responsibly with phallic energy. 

-Men will be give an opportunity to witness and hold space for the Feminine ‘red tent’.  To be present with declarations of life carrying a ‘yoni’ and the cyclical nature of bleeding. And experiencing a deeper sense of the emotional body. 

-We will honour the Sacred Elixir of semen and its life-giving power and the women will be invited into the Masculine mysteries. 

-We will honour the Sacred Elixir of menstrual blood and its life-giving properties and the men will be invited into the Feminine mysteries. 

It is in the UNION of these two powerful energies and elixirs, where the spark of life is created. We can sit in awe of that intensity for a moment. 

It is the UNION of the masculine and feminine within, that takes each of us to our divine nature. Less constrained and more capable - Supporting us to move beyond separation and conflict, into a place of LOVE and UNION. 

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