Sat, 14 Dec | Blue Lotus Sanctuary

Tantric Flow & Deep Release Weekend Workshop

Energetic Healing and energetic opening of the body and soul through orgasmic energies.
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Tantric  Flow & Deep Release Weekend Workshop

Time & Location

14 Dec 2019, 9:30 am – 15 Dec 2019, 4:30 pm
Blue Lotus Sanctuary, 16 Como St, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

About the Event

Natalie Z leads this event.

Learn how to open the flow of energy in the body that both moves the body and releases and opens you to life.

Many experiences of transformation are possible.  

This energy work puts us into the void, the place of all possibility, where we can manifest anything.

This is an ancient and deeply healing technique similar to acupressure, applied to certain points of the body known to hold trauma; for the purpose of releasing tension and stress from our lifestyles and personal experiences.


This is a highly transformative energy healing  that taps into your flow of Kundalini energy (life force energy), which is naturally present in our bodies. An energy session like this can result in powerful emotional releasing of any negative energy we are holding in our body and energy field. Once the energy flow is freed up, it is possible to experience blissful and deeply pleasurable energetic full body orgasm.



I recently attended an Energy Flow and Deep De-Armouring Workshop. I have never attended anything like this and have always been somewhat skeptical around Spiritual and Healing type treatments / workshops. I'm a 51 year old male and have enjoyed a fast paced successful corporate business life, hard out adrenaline motor sports and enough drug fueled parties for 2 lifetimes. It's been a great ride. But having achieved everything I ever wanted too in life some wheels fell off. A failed marriage and a total loss of corporate drive and goals of any sort left me feeling empty with no purpose. I was a ship at sea without a rudder for many years. My desire for new knowledge and experiences led me to Trish and Natalie and their Workshop.

The Weekend Workshop was a truly wonderful experience. I discovered that a journey of self discovery and enlightenment is in-fact a real thing It's real and it's confronting, exciting and exhilarating. It took me out of my comfort zone which requires courage but then anything worth doing takes courage. If I was apprehensive is was around what role was the nakedness to play. Was the whole thing going to end up in some sort of wild romp!? Well nothing could be more from the truth. Nakedness simply served as an effective tool in immediately making one feel vulnerable. This sense of vulnerability positively impacts one's ability to quickly let go and be drawn into a deeper state of consciousness and confront feelings of vulnerability, suppressed pain and trauma, self worth, anger, abandonment... the list goes on. I experienced tears and laughter sometimes within minutes. Our small group of total strangers came from all walks of life. It was truly amazing the bonds and caring that was formed between everyone over the course of the weekend.  

Thank you Natalie and Trish for a wonderful weekend. I pleased to recommend this Weekend Workshop experience.


 “I’ve just completed a workshop at Blue Lotus Sanctuary run by Natalie Ziegler and Trish Bebrouth on dearmourment and energetic orgasim (Nat change name to proper one)- having worked with Natalie in the past with my now ex husband I was a little apprehensive in attending a 2 day workshop on my own but I knew Natalie would hold my space for me and anyone she collaborates with must be of a similar elk.  Needless to say the workshop was mind blowing, energetic and totally orgasmatic for me, to connect with a wide diverse group of people who had gathered for many different reasons was fantastic and to “feel” like a woman again well all I can say is a special thank you to someone who shall remain anonymous but you know who you are.  So are you thinking is this workshop for me? Take away your shutters and embrace, go with an open mind and ready body and you will feel the benefits as they manifest into your daily life.  Would I go again you bet!  Love to Nat and Trish - Sandy” 

A delicious weekend of Body Dearmouring at the Blue Lotus. I went with no concept of what I was in for and no expectations. Natalie and Trish led us through an intense guided workshop. Not sure where all that stuff came out of or why, but it was good to let go of so much of what I had been holding on to. Some of it left me feeling vulnerable and understanding what I still need to work on and some of it left me empowered and grounded in myself but all of it was an amazing and transformational experience. Thank you.    L

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