Sat, 25 Jan | Blue Lotus Sanctuary

Reiki 1 Training

Finding life stressful? Wish there was an easy way to relax and awaken the bodies nautural healing ability? Want to have a 'tool' to use with friends and family? Want to be the ONE they call for healing?
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Reiki 1 Training

Time & Location

25 Jan 2020, 9:30 am – 26 Jan 2020, 5:00 pm
Blue Lotus Sanctuary, 16 Como St, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

About the Event

All those things were relevant for me, when I FOUND Reiki, or Reiki found me, so many years ago.  Wow what a ride.  So many healings, so many amazing experiences, so much growth. And Now, with 25years of Reiki behind me, I  can offer a depth of information and a wonderful connection to the Reiki energy.

Join us to learn Reiki, a simple Natural Healing system for self healing and helping friends and family.  This weekend workshop covers all information needed for Reiki Level 1.

So What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy. The name literally means Universal Life Force Energy. 

The Usui healing system, commonly known as Reiki, has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and Shontoist Buddhism. The whole system is driven solely by the intent of the practitioner who has at their disposal a number of 'tools' that affect the way the energy is directed. Reiki is the art of natural healing through specific teachings and attunements or initiations, that attune you to a language of sounds and symbols.

This workshop  is a fresh view into the history, application and world-view of Reiki.  This workshop is an amplification of your energies, an awakening, into self healing and caring for others.

Receive the Energetic Transmissions for Reiki Level 1

Learn the History of Reiki, How it works, Attunement Process 

The Precepts and Principals of Reiki

Learn self healing techniques and how to "do" Reiki

Learn to give Reiki to others, animals, plants, and inanimate objects, situations.

(Distance Healing and Future/Past Healing teachings in Reiki level 2)

This workshop is a great introduction for beginners who perceive they have no skill, as well as being a platform that natural healers who may already be 'doing' healing, can use to amplify and integrate energies and techniques.

We take time in this workshop to drop into meditation, Reiki 1's four Initiations, Reiki Self Healing, and doing Reiki on others.  It is a very experiential class, and offers a wonderful opportunity to leave the world behind and come home to yourself.


Natalie Z's lineage is 5  steps removed from Usui, the founder of Reiki.  As a teacher of Reiki, she has led many 100's of people through the lower levels and created 40+ Reiki Masters Worldwide. 

Testimonials for Natalie and her Reiki Workshops


I love the space, the teachings,  your presence, my experience, I love it all. Reiki is so gentle and soft, yet so powerful, I feel connected for the first time in my life.  - Karen M

Wow the space you HOLD in that SPACE, Reiki is the perfect teaching for you both. I think with my heart now, thanks for all the extra miles you travelled, to bring us all this light.   - Layla B

Exceptional Experience in my body, mind and soul. Reiki you are my new tool of choice. I get it now. Thanks so much, cant wait to share my new skills with my family and continue this journey.   - Patricia

“The best thing ever happened to me. I feel so grateful, more in tune with myself, my life is more in synchronicity with the universe. This weekend really helped me come back to me”    Peter, Auckland

“the message for me, is love, love love……  It is as if my Soul understands a new way….and as a human here on Earth, when your Soul awakens (or remembers) these deep and profound truths,  I will never be the same.  The gratitude I feel for discovering Reiki, Natalie, and Blue Lotus, is overwhelming.   Alex   

 “Natalie’s energy is fun, light and deep at the same time, exactly what I needed at the soul level. I learned a lot about myself and received powerful insights throughout the course. What is more, I made some new fabulous spiritual friends! I would do this again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend the program.  The program is deep and transformational.  You will come out as a new person.”    –Nicola

 “I had no specific expectation going into this program.  I went with curiosity, wonder and an open mind….what is the mystery around Reiki ?  I started Reiki 1 and 2 for self-care not with the intention of opening a business, but realized it was another way I could share and making a difference for others.  I appreciate and value the extra that Natalie provided and shared of herself during the workshop.  - Pamela

I am eternally thankful to Natalie and Reiki for teaching me to open my eyes and love.  My advise to the world would be- open your heart and the unknown will become a presence.  Open your mind and thoughts and questions will storm through you.  Reiki will transform you, your world and your heart and you will never be the same person that you were when you entered this amazing experience.”   - Pablo 

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