Sun, 02 Aug | Blue Lotus Sanctuary

Radiant Woman: Heal Your Relationship with Your Body & Sexuality

Tarisha Tourok guides you into practises to deepen and heal your body and mind.
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Radiant Woman: Heal Your Relationship with Your Body & Sexuality

Time & Location

02 Aug 2020, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Blue Lotus Sanctuary, 16 Como St, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

About the Event

Info Coming Soon Heal Your Relationship with Your Body & Sexuality So You Can Enjoy a More Fulfilling Intimacy and Connection 

Wouldn’t it be simply amazing to be able to say “I love my body?”  

And to experience delicious moments of power, intimacy and passionate connection? 

Yet we continue judging and criticising ourselves.  

A lot of us have some trauma or bad experiences around sexuality and/or body shame.  

It is difficult to enjoy intimacy and sex when we don’t feel confident and attractive in our skin. When previous inappropriate sexual encounters are lurking from our past.  

I definitely had sexual encounters that I wish would never happened.  

I think it’s time we stand in full partnership with our bodies and heal all the trauma and hurt our bodies hold for us.  

Woman’s happiness depends on her relationship with her body. 

* Do you ever find yourself running away from potential relationships or love partners because you fear sexual intimacy? 

* Or what about feeling held back from pursuing your dreams by not feeling confident on your body and sensuality? 

* Do you wish you were empowered in your sexuality but instead find yourself trying to please or worse, feel like your body is being used? 

No matter how you feel now, you have the power to change your reality. 

Many women feel ashamed of their sexuality or not sure how to be with it in the world.  

The knowledge of this workshop will help you to feel relaxed and confident in your radiant sexual essence, knowing that your sexuality is your strength. 

In this full day workshop you'll: 

* Understand why you’ve been so judgmental about your body in the first place, seeing it as an enemy or a source of limitation, when it’s actually a source of joy, pleasure and sensuality. 

* Experience a deep and profound sense of self-acceptance and awaken to a possibility of igniting your magnetic radiance. 

* Silence your inner critic and transform her into your best friend to access your innate feminine qualities, including presence, courage, passion, creativity, sensuality, and, of course, love. 

* Start to dissolve your sense of not-enoughness and your shame about your body, then you can begin to feel at peace with your body as it is right now. 

* Discover why accepting and loving your body opens the doors to loving intimate relationships and a profound sense of joy. 

* Understand the true purpose of your sexuality, and how to begin utilising the power of your sexuality on your own behalf. This is not just about sex, but stepping into your full power and confidence, becoming a great role model for your children, enjoying vibrant health and even creating greater success at work. 

* Start to heal your relationship with your sexuality to become a sexually empowered radiant woman, who lives on her own terms and follows her own pleasure. 

I know that just giving you information is not going to help you transform your relationship with your body and sexuality.  

I will give you specific exercises for each step and you will do them during the workshop. These exercises will allow you to have an embodied experience of the deeper truth of your body and what is truly possible for you. 

* Imagine feeling lighter, healthier and happier 

* Imagine liking your reflection in the mirror.  

* Imagine having the confidence to ask for that promotion or show up in your business in a bigger way to create more money and success.  

* Imagine enjoying delicious sex life with your partner or attracting the right partner for you because you shine so bright. 

* Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning full of energy and excitement about what the day will bring! 

This is all possible for you! 

You are born to be whole and loved! To feel radiant and joyful. You don’t need to settle for anything less than your fulfillment. 

So, are you ready to become a magnetically radiant and sexually empowered woman?  Are you ready to enjoy more love, success, joy, health and vitality? 

Then join us for a live workshop in Auckland for only $19!  

I know this is cheap, but I want to share this information with as many women as possible. 

You can even bring your girlfriend for only $9. 

I’ve put years of education and experience of working with hundreds of clients, and my heart and soul in designing this workshop for you. 

So please, don’t struggle. Join me, join our community of brilliant women, and I promise, we will do it together and I’ll be absolutely honoured to support you. 

What my clients say: 

"I feel my own inner radiance!" 

Before working with Tarisha I felt like I was hopelessly stuck in myself as being sexless, lacking femininity, not much energy or interest to make love, and a never-ending to do-list. 

Yes - real change IS possible! I'm so grateful to be on this discovery journey with Tarisha. I feel I'm given a big toolbox with life skills which I will use the rest of my life.  

I feel more joy over being me, and an openness and connection to the sensual and sexual me in every day life. The change in my marriage is most pleasurable…." ~ Madelene, Sweden 

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