I’m looking for 5

Self Employed

Parents on the North Shore

With a therapy based business

That are looking for somewhere to work from

I am offering  Clinic Space and Workshop hire in a block of time during school term for working parents.

This gives so much flexibility while still offering the ability to work as soon as school starts, after holidays, without worrying about finding facilities to host you.

Looking for space to use, to work from, but don’t want the hassle  or expense of a lease, or paying for time you don’t use the space.  Want something that is affordable and charges by each school term? So you can work when kids are learning, and be with them  during holiday’s.

Blue Lotus has a handful of opportunities for Self Employed Working Parent’s, to use our facilities for massage, healing, coaching, any other therapy, as well as a large room for seminars and workshops.


For a Start-Up business….. perhaps you need

5 hours to offer treatments each week, with flexible scheduling……… and want to run a group event on

2 evenings during a 10 week term, and


1 weekend day for a workshop. 


This arrangement of use may suit you, if so, imagine it costing only  $70 each week of a 10 week term.


Do the math and See if it would work for you.


I could see someone who charges $100hr,  does 5 per week  x 10 weeks…..$5,000

-then gets 10 people to an evening for $30pp,  two evenings in a term.......  $600

-and runs a 10 person workshop for $100     .......$1,000
                                  total                           $6,600   per term

Say that’s YOU above, but you need a 2 day weekend workshop……… Now you are paying $87 each week.

Maybe you are rocking it already, and absolutely do 10+ clients per week, desire 3 evening events in a term, and can easily book out 2 weekends per term………      Your business building package is $175 wk.

Or talk to me to run your numbers through my matrix.


Bottom line is Blue Lotus is a gold-mine waiting to be tapped, and I am looking for a handful of men or women, Priestess’s even, to hold point and generate income while offering the work they love to the public.

Next Action..... Call me to discuss your numbers

Natalie Z


 or drop me an email below.

Blue Lotus Sanctuary,

16 Como Street, Takapuna,


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