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goddess circle

Weekly Circle

10 wk 


(term time)

Reiki Self Healing Program

This is a ten week program that follows term time, to enable Mothers to get the spiritual support they need.  We move through a program to clear and open, activate and align the energy centres.

You will be immersed in many loving techniques that you can use at home, practises that deepen your experience of yourself and your abilities in the world.

Part of the process is keeping a Reiki Journal of your experiences. This will become valuable if you contine to the Reiki Practitioner Training.

$1150 total    25 weeks of payments of $46

Reiki Practitioner


Reiki Practitioner

25 Week Program

This Bundle offers students the chance to start paying off the Practitioner program as they start their healing journey. 

The Bundle contains:

  • Reiki 3A Training 2day event - attend 2

  • Learn Master Symbol and Healing Attunement

  • Repeat Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Plus (unlimited)

  • Coaching Sessions - 4hrs total

  • Reiki Sharing Evenings - Unlimited

Total Cost $2000


25  payments of $80 weekly

During this time you are welcome to use Blue Lotus Sanctuary for seeing clients, and or receiving work through  our booking system.