please click through to may to see our first events from may 18th

With a fair degree of certainty these events can restart when we get the ok that we are entering level 2 on May 11th.  I have scheduled our events to start the following week.  If for any reason we revert back to level 4, stay at level 3, or other govt influences mean we cannot START our events the week of MAY 18th.....We will simply drop the whole calendar a week or two depnding on whats needed.
I know NONE of you ARE flying off anywhere and trust that just moving the calender in line with government recommendations is the best way to get you EXCITED about being allowed to SOCIALISE, and me EXCITED about enabling it.
Lets make this happen folks.  If you wish to enrol in any workshop and cannot pay full price, at present, simply make a $50 payment to the following bank account, with your name and event, and you will be registered, we will contact you to discuss further payment.
ASB  Blue Lotus Foundation.......12-3136-0063098-00
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