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active release


Blue Lotus's

Signature Massage

Includes Active Release techniques.

Using Breath, Sound, Body Movements, Presence and Energy, we move through the body with consciousness and awareness to unlock, open and allow the free flow of energy.

A Massage that follows these principals, and allows stagnant energy to be freed, can result in energetic release,  past memories surfacing, emotions being  processed, awareness expanded, and connection to all can be a felt experience.

There are many ways an intuitive session like this can unfold, it is difficult to explain, and often looks different, so I prefer NOT to program the experience too much with words.

You will know if you are ready to experience something different.

If regular MASSAGE or HEALING sessions are NOT getting to the CORE........This is something you could consider exploring.

Natalie Z, has 25yrs experience healing through shamanic, intuitive, energetic, hands on and mental clearing processes.

Yes there is an element of hands on massage, deep holding of pressure points, and energy flow awakening strokes.  BUT this is MORE than a MASSAGE.  

Let go and be free.

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