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Reiki is love
in action

some of you may know I have a downstairs at my house. Well the tenant is moving on and im ready to expand and use this area as a second therapy room and small class space.

Reiki, massage and Breathwork classes will be held monthly.

Contact me if you wish to hire the space.

here is a link to the space on bookabach.   


Reiki 1st degree

REIKI is a simple system  to learn and move towards self care, and can be used to help family and pets. The workshop is a starting point to daily self treatments to integrate the energy  of Reiki 1 into your system.

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REIKI 2nd degree

Reiki is a system of healing using Universal Life Force Energy. This relaxing and uplifting form of healing is both peaceful and transformational.  Reiki 2nd Degree introduces symbols and distance healing.

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